The 1800-dentist of the moving world

The moving industry is ripe for change. We’ve all heard horror stories about movers from friends and family. So how do you separate the good movers from the rogue movers? Choosing the wrong company can cost you time, money and heartache. That's when MoverCircle.Org comes in. We're creating a network of hand-selected movers as an alternative to high priced companies, no-show movers, online directories, scammers and brokers all in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display. The 1800-dentist of the moving world.  If you want to spend hours searching online directories and every mover site yourself, that's one option. If you would prefer an easier way, this is it: Seriously, right now if you want to find a mover you a) ask a friend/family b) Google search c) use Yelp and hope for the best. However, what about a place that does all the work for you? They have places like that for babysitters, care givers and even airline flights but nothing for movers? That's why I'm creating MoverCircle.Org. A safe and simple way to find trustworthy movers near you!  Our directory consists of hand-selected, pre-screened moving companies rated and ranked by customers after each move. Users will be able to read numerous reviews (from real customers), compare prices, ratings or have a Transition Coordinator specifically dedicated to them.

Transition Coordinators can help identify needs, provide advice, create a master transition plan, and then make introductions to our network of carefully screened service providers. I have already proven that this basic idea can work with




Just the facts


The Moving & Storage world is a $16.5 billion annual industry consisting of 8,100 companies operating at 17,000 locations primarily providing moving and storage services for household and office goods. This Includes van lines, van line agents, independent full-service movers, international movers, forwarders, and auto transporters. Average cost of an interstate household move: About $4,200, based on an average weight of 7,400 pounds and average distance of 1,225 miles (2007) and including packing and other services. 


Moves without claim, percentage: More than 80% of all moves have no claim filed (consistent for more than a decade - has been as high as 82%), and almost all (99.99%) claims are resolved before arbitration. Filed claims can include customer-packed shipments which may have contributed to damages.


The numbers

  • The Moving & Storage industry employs 122,600 people with an annual payroll of $3.6 billion
  • The Moving & Storage industry is composed of mostly small businesses: 47.8% of industry companies employ fewer than 5 people. Only 8.5% of industry companies employ 100 or more people.
  • Americans who move, annual number:  38.7 million, or 16.5 million households @ 2.34 persons per household (2006 Census estimate) 
  • Americans who move, annual percentage: 13%
  • 65%  moved within the same county   (23 million)
  • 19%  moved to a different county within the same state (7.4 million)
  • 84%  moved within the same state   (32.6 million)
  • 12.6% moved to a different state   (4.9 million)
  • 3% moved to the US from another country   (1.2 million)


Percentage of household moves by market type (2005):

  • Individuals:      48.9%
  • Corporate:       33.4%
  • Military:           16.2%
  • Other govmt:     1.5%
 Interstate household goods moves, annual number (2006):  2.42 million (Census estimate)
  • by professional movers:  800,000                 
  • by consumer with rented truck: one million (AMSA estimates)
  • by consumer unassisted:  1.2 million